Hi! My name’s Dennis and I’m an introvert consultant & freshly baked dad.

That’s me! 👆🏻

I’ve been growing up struggling with social anxiety and extreme shyness making me a prime candidate to end up alone and depressed, despite doing well in academics and my professional career. I failed to connect with the people around me and ended up very unhappy until I decided to turn my life around.

I’ve spent countless hours, days and weeks during the last decade on my personal development journey trying to figure out how to build my dream life and find happiness. Today, I’m happily married, beloved by my family, friends & colleagues and I’m striving in a profession which many would think is the last place to be for an introvert.

Missing a good role model to help me face my challenges, I set out to overcome them myself. I want to share the lessons that I’ve learned in order to help people who find themselves in similar situations.